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Scott Peterson

2013-2014 Osher Reentry Scholarship Winner

"...I am proudly entering my second year as a part time Senior at San Francisco State University. The road to SF State has been punctuated with challenges and hard work, but it has thus far been worth every dollar leveraged and every minute utilized in the pursuit of my goals. I uprooted from Washington State at the age of 25, leaving everything familiar behind in the pursuit of my dream of working in the entertainment media."

"After my first year, it is with pride and optimism that I can say I completed my first four classes in the BECA program with a 4.0 GPA, and I look forward to the challenges and rewards ahead as I continue the path to my Bachelor's degree. Upon beginning the program, I felt an immediate re-ignition of the passion and determination I felt when I first began studying radio in community college more than ten years ago."

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