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Mark Mayo

2013-2014 Osher Reentry Scholarship Winner

"...Considering that your scholarship program is the first scholarship I have applied for, I am inspired to look beyond student loans to other programs to help fund my educational goals of a doctorate in clinical psychology (PsyD). Becoming a recipient of the Osher Reentry Scholarship has made me realize that I have been limiting myself to other potential resources out of a fear of rejection due to a personal perception of lack of qualifications."

"The Osher Reentry Scholarship will aid in reducing the overall costs of college, allowing me to focus more on my academic goals, rather than the financial concerns that accompany higher education. This scholarship will help reduce my overall need for student loans and with an ever-changing and unpredictable economy, any loan reduction is essential. It provides an opportunity for those who struggle with the financial responsibilities that often accompany particular age groups and as a forty-six year old returning student your financial assistance is a Godsend."

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