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Fung Hou

2013-2014 Osher Reentry Scholarship Winner

"For a thirty-something, returning to school after several years can seem really daunting - a big challenge. It took a lot of courage, for me personally to take the plunge back into school. I was nervous, excited and filled with trepidation, but after my first class, I knew I had made the right decision. I have always wanted to be able to call myself a college educated graduate. The road has been long, slow and winding, especially as a working adult, but completely worth it because of the knowledge gained and the sheer pride in achieving a goal..."

"...This is the second consecutive year I've received the scholarship and it has helped tremendously in reducing the financial burden of my loan amount, but more so the boost in confidence, psychologically has been a far greater sense of motivation and is a validation of all my efforts thus far. It was instrumental in giving me the push I needed to go to the distance being so close to the finish line."

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