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Marco Gomez - Los Medanos College

2013-2014 Community College Transfer Honor Scholarship Winner

"I am beyond excited to have the honor of being chosen to receive the Community College Transfer Honor Scholarship at San Francisco State University for the 2013-2014 academic year. On behalf of the scholarship committee that reviewed my application, I would like to personally thank every member on the board for giving me this amazing opportunity to help further my education and the goals that I want to achieve. I am a psychology major with an emphasis in teen/adult mental disorders transferring to SF State (Fall 2013). I consider myself a very driven and focused student who loves to meet challenges while working under high-pressure situations. I believe SF State is the right choice for me because of the rigorous psychology program they have as well as the culture and location that surrounds the university. With this scholarship, it will help me straighten out my financial stability and help to cover the costs of attending SF State. I can then focus my attention to excelling in my course work and partaking in internships to increase my study and experience in the field of psychology. This scholarship will ultimately give me the opportunity to express my full potential and strive to be more involved on/off campus. I will use this award to its fullest benefit. In return for the award, I will strive for excellence at SF State."

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