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Faythe Tobias

2013-2014 Bengier University Scholarship Winner

"One of my biggest achievements was getting accepted into the San Francisco State University School of Nursing's Bachelors of Science program. I am currently entering my third semester of the five semester program. The program requires students to purchase many supplies on top of paying for tuition and textbooks. My mother recently lost her job, which has led to me taking on full financial responsibility for my education and these supplies. This scholarship will help me continue on my journey of getting my Bachelors of Science in Nursing."

"My ultimate goal is to attain a Masters in Nursing degree in order to become a clinical nurse specialist. My passion for nursing came in high school when my Uncle Willie passed away from cancer. The nurses were very caring and helped us a lot through the process. I want to be able to give back and help people the way my family was helped in this time of need."

"In college I have been heavily involved in volunteering.....I am a part of, especially the Sexual Health PEACH organization...... I was asked by Ingrid Ochoa, who runs the PEACH program, to help her run the PSHE clinic.... This scholarship will help me free up my work schedule in order to assist Ingrid in running the PSHE Clinic."

".....Thank you for believing in me and truly making a difference in my life. I thank you for your support of students and the hardships we face in order to gain a higher education."

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