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Chi Wing (Jeffrey) Pang

2013-2014 Bengier University Scholarship Winner

"I am absolutely honored to be one of the scholarship recipients. Thank you so much for your generosity and efforts to support us as students."

"....I was born in Hong Kong and I immigrated to the United States when I was 5 years old. Being first generation immigrants, my brother and I were lucky with the opportunities given to us here in the United States to attend a four year university..."

"I am currently a student with the San Francisco State University School of Nursing. Besides the academic curriculum here at SFSU, I am also an Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps Cadet at the University of San Francisco....."

"With my last year of college underway, I am soon leaving the academic world behind to pursue goals much larger than what I could possibly have dreamt of as a child. In just one year, I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from SFSU. I will also be commissioning into the Army as a 2nd Lieutenant, through my Army ROTC program at USF. Upon completion of initial training...., I will be entering the Army as a nurse in the Army Nurse Corps. My ultimate career goal is to become a Critical Care Registered Nurse and gain an opportunity to work on Army medical evacuation helicopters as a flight nurse."

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