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Zachary Morrissey

2013-2014 Bengier University Scholarship Winner

"I graduated High School last year;....I was fortunate to gain enough support during this time to start my own charity organization called League for Legends where gamers at school got together to donate games to children in hospitals. The first semester of college I decided to pledge for the professional business organization, Alpha Kappa Psi. It was here I became the chair of Service where I was able to work with the Student outreach and give tours and host events to positively influence students in middle school and high school to go to college in the future. I was also able to help the National Park Presidio of San Francisco..."

"I aspire to one day be a video producer in the bay area for a website and a philosophy professor....My passion for art is a form of expression for my philosophy. In High School the works of Jacob Needleman, putting an emphasis on understanding one another, drew me to San Francisco State in hopes to one-day study under him. The facility in the philosophy department has been incredible in building my philosophical foundation and humbling me more and more as a person. I hope to one day attend graduate school and eventually obtain my PHD in Philosophy so I can teach at University."

"These hopes and dreams are kept alive from your amazing contribution.....I am dumb-founded at your generosity and cannot summon the words to properly thank you. This is one of the greatest things to happen to me and I feel so fortunate to be chosen...."

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