Office of Student Financial Aid

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Work-Study students are allowed to work during the summer if they were enrolled at SFSU at least half-time during the previous Spring semester and will continue to be enrolled during the up-coming Fall semester. Students whose first semester at SFSU will be the Fall semester are ineligible for summer employment. Students do not need to be enrolled in classes during the summer sessions.

Work-Study students must submit a Summer Work-Study Clearance Form to the employer before work begins. Students continuing to work in the Fall semester must obtain an academic year Clearance Form.

Student Assistants may work during the summer if they were enrolled in half time units spring semester and are planning to return to SFSU in the following Fall semester at least half-time. Student Assistants who are taking classes in the summer in order to graduate at the end of the summer, may work only until the last day of their summer classes.

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