Office of Student Financial Aid

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Financial Aid Tools

  • Power Point - What you need to know about receiving Financial Aid At SF State University
  • Fall 2016 Budget Worksheet
  • Estimated Cost Of Attendance
  • Financial Aid Check List

  • To receive financial aid you must apply every year.

    Important Information New Fafsa Filing Date for Academic year 2017-2018

    MARCH 2 (of the current year)

    (Students can still file the 2016-2017 fafsa for any availability federal funding)

    FOR 2016-2017 FAFSA

    Use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to fill-in income and tax information directly from the IRS. If you already completed your FAFSA, you are encouraged to use the IRS tool.

    To apply for financial aid:

    1. FAFSA on the WEB
      FAFSA on the WEB which is available at

    2. Students must apply for the FSA ID before filing the Fafsa. The Fafsa web site will prompt you to create one when you start to log in to their site.

    3. If students already filed the Fafsa the previous year, they can select the Pre-fill data process, formerly known as "Renewal FAFSA on the Web", which will help to move old data from the previous year to the current year FAFSA using the same web site above.

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