Office of Student Financial Aid

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Financial Aid Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit :
As part of San Francisco State University's commitment to and support of environmental initiatives, financial aid funds will be disbursed through direct deposit. The campus "green" initiative sends your funds in a secure, efficient, and timely manner. You do not have to wait for your checks in the mail nor spend time going to the bank to deposit checks. Your money is electronically deposited into your account on time. It is safe and greatly reduces potential identity theft.

To sign up for direct deposit, You will need your SF State ID and password to log on. To complete the transaction, you will also need to have your checking/savings account number and the bank (routing and transit number) which can be found on the bottom of your check book. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log on to SF State Gateway.
  2. Click on "Financial / Jobs", under the Student heading.
  3. Click on "CS Student Center".
  4. In the center of the next page in the "Finances" section, click on "Enroll in Direct Deposit"

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