Office of Student Financial Aid

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Effective April 14, 2008

Class I:

$8.50 - $10.50

KEY CHARACTERISTICS: Basic to moderate skills, knowledge or training, routine - moderately difficult tasks.

With close to moderate supervision, perform tasks which requires minimal to moderate training. The work can be routine, involving simple clerical and/or manual tasks to work of a semi-complex nature that may require limited degree of independent judgement or decision-making. Subject matter can be routine and non-technical or varied. If required, physical exertion is light to moderate. Skills, training and experience required can range from little to a moderate degree and can be technical or administrative.

Class II:

$9.25 - $12.25

KEY CHARACTERISTICS: Semi-advanced to advanced skills, knowledge from prior experience, specialized knowledge or extensive training, independent judgement or decision-making; difficult to complex tasks.

With minimal to little direct supervision, performs tasks requiring prior experience or moderate to extensive training. Job responsibilities range from semi-complex to complex in a wide range of problem solving situations. Independent judgement and or decision-making is characteristic. If applicable, physical exertion may be moderate to heavy. Work may be done at a para-professional level.

Class III:

$11.25 - $17.26

KEY CHARACTERISTICS: Advanced skills, specialized knowledge or extensive training; independent judgement or decision-making; complex tasks.

With no direct supervision, perform tasks which require prior experience or training. Job responsibilities are complex and require the application of specialized skills or experience in a wide range of problem-solving situations. Independent judgement, discretion and/or decision-making is characteristic. Ability to meet deadlines and to work under pressure. If applicable, physical exertion may be heavy. Work may be done at the para-professional level.

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