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Alternative Loan Program

What is an Alternative Loan?

Alternative Loans are offered by banks or lending institutions to assist students in bridging the gap between college costs and traditional funding sources. These loans are private supplemental loans and are not guaranteed by the federal government. Terms and conditions of these loans can vary according to specific lender guidelines.
Additionally, we adhere to the California State University Student Lending - Code of Conduct (Higher Education Opportunity Act Disclosures).


Do not apply for 2014-15 Alternative Loans until AFTER July 1, 2014.

  • Am I eligible for an Alternative Loan?

  • Do I need to complete the FAFSA in order to apply for the Alternative Loan?

  • Do I make too much money to qualify for the Alternative Loan?

  • How much money am I eligible to borrow?

  • Have you accepted your maximum amount of Direct Loans?

  • Is there a benefit to submitting the Alternative Loan Application and Promissory note to my lender early?

  • Do I need to know the amount that I want to borrow before I apply for preapproval?

  • Can I find out in advance if my credit check will be approved?

  • Am I required to take an Alternative Loan upon application?

  • How will I receive my Alternative Loan funds?

  • Factors to keep in mind when choosing a lender:

    Process to apply from list of Alternative Loan Lenders

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