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At San Francisco State University, we seek to promote scholarship opportunities for ALL our students. In our scholarship database, www.sfsu.edu/~finaid/scholarships, there are MANY scholarships available for AB 540, undocumented, and international students.

Other Scholarship Resources

Continue the Dream for Academic Excellence Scholarship

APPLY TODAY for the Continue the Dream for Academic Excellence Scholarship! Please check back August 2016 for more information

The Continue the Dream Scholarship was created in 2011 by SF State Staff and Faculty who were concerned with the many obstacles undocumented students face while attending our university. These departments include: ASI Project Connect, Metro Academies, Office of Student Financial Aid, Raza Faculty and Staff Association, Raza Studies, Step to College, The Safe Place, and Undergraduate Admissions.

The Continue the Dream for Academic Excellence Scholarship is available to undergraduate AB 540 and undocumented SF state students that are ineligible for federal financial aid. Fundraising takes place throughout the year, including our most recent “Swimming for Sueños” event from Alcatraz to SF. The scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis in recognition of a serious commitment to helping others or acting as a role model by promoting higher education. This year at least four awards of $500 will be made.

Please check back August 2016 for more informationhttps://sfsu.academicworks.com
Sign in, search for the Continue the Dream Scholarship, complete your application and submit it by the deadline!

For more information, contact Mario Flores at 415-405-4177 or dreamers@sfsu.edu.

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Scholarship Search Chart

Use this chart to keep a record of the scholarships you want to apply for.

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Scholarships That Do Not Require Proof of Citizenship or Residency Status

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At San Francisco State University, we seek to promote scholarship opportunities for ALL our students, including AB540 students and international students. In our scholarship database, there are MANY scholarships available for students that do not require proof of citizenship or residency status. The scholarships listed below are only a small sample of all the scholarships available on the SF State Scholarship Database.

To identify other scholarships you might be eligible for: 1) Search our database by keyword, major, GPA, class level, enrollment status, citizenship, & application deadline; and 2) Check the requirements listed under the citizenship category. If this category lists “Any”, proof of citizenship or residency status was not listed as part of the scholarship criteria. In addition, due to AB 130, five scholarships began using the CA Dream Application to determine financial need: University, Community College Transfer Honor, Ray Uribe, Estella Lara, and Wallace Fund for Diversity Scholarships. These scholarships can be found with keyword “AB 540”.

Associated Students Scholarship

Brief Criteria: Entering and continuing SF State students; 2.5 minimum GPA. Academic Achievement; Leadership; Financial Need Contact: Mario Flores
(415) 405-4048
Deadline: Early February Amount: Up to $1,000

Maisin Scholar Award

Brief Criteria: SFUSD high school senior with minimum 2.0 GPA who will be attending a 2 or 4 year college. Looking for financial need & commitment to educational and career goals. Contact: Maisin Scholar
(415) 955-5790
Deadline: Early March Amount: $2,000/year, Renewable

E4FC New American Scholars Program

Brief Criteria: Foreign-born, low-income immigrant college students in SF Bay Area; Min GPA: 2.8 for college & 3.3 for high school; Academic performance, financial need, and community impact. Contact: Educators for Fair Consideration
Deadline: Early March Amount: Up to $10,000

Continue the Dream for Academic Excellence Scholarship

Brief Criteria: AB 540 or undocumented student; Sophomore, Jr. or Sr. at SF State; serious commitment to helping others or promoting higher education Contact: Mario Flores
Deadline: Mid September Amount: $300-$500

Chicana/Latina Foundation Scholarship

Brief Criteria: Community involvement & leadership; 2.5 undergrad GPA, 3.0 grad GPA; Will volunteer 10 hours; Student residing in Bay Area counties for at least 2 years. Contact: Chicana/Latina Foundation Scholarship
http://www.chicanalatina.org CLFinfo@chicanalatina.org (415)405-4048
Deadline: Mid March Amount: $1,500

New Leader Scholarship

Brief Criteria: Must have attended Bay Area public university for one year and completed at least 24 units; 3.5 GPA; Majoring in Social Sciences/Health & Human Services or Public Service; Leadership; High Academic Achievement & Financial Need. Renewable. Contact: 10,000 Degrees (Formerly Marin Education Fund)
http://www.newleader scholarship.org
(415) 459-4240
Deadline: Mid March Amount: Up to $8,000

Alumni Association Scholarships

Brief Criteria: Entering HS senior or currently enrolled as an undergraduate college senior or graduate Masters student; Minimum GPA: High School Students 2.75 & College Students 3.25. Contact: Alumni Association
http://www.sfsu.edu/~alumni/ scholarship.htm
(415) 405-3639
Deadline: Early April Amount: Varies

University Scholarship at SF State

Brief Criteria: Continuing undergraduate or graduate student; SF State GPA: 3.0 undergrad or 3.5 graduate; Financial Need (CA Dream Application) Contact: Office of Student Financial Aid
Deadline: Early May Amount: $500-$3,000

Diana T.Y. Chung Memorial Scholarship for International Students

Brief Criteria: F-1 or J-1 student status; demonstrate merit and need; 3.25 minimum undergrad GPA; 3.5 minimum grad GPA. Contact: Office of International Programs
(415) 338-1293
Deadline: Late September Amount: $1,000

Other Places To Look

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Five Scholarships, that previously required FAFSA, will now also include CA Dream Application to determine Financial Need. For more information, go to www.sfsu.edu/~finaid/scholarships.

  • University Scholarship
  • Community College Transfer Honor
  • Ray Uribe
  • Estella Lara
  • Wallace Fund for Diversity

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Tax Filing and 1098T

AB 540 students that receive scholarships are encouraged to file federal and state income taxes. Only the cost of the tuition, fees, books and required equipment for students pursuing a degree are tax exempt. Filing is the student’s responsibility and is the prudent thing to do, so that the student establishes a record as a lawful taxpayer. Normally tax withholding will be not be made at the time the scholarship is given, so the student may reserve funds to pay for the required taxes.

The scholarship provider may ask the student to complete the W9-s form for the provider’s records. The form does not go to the IRS, but stays with the scholarship provider for their reports. To find the form on the IRS website, type in W-9S or go to http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9s.pdf.

Compliance with Tax Form 1098-T

Students who are not filing for tuition tax credit DO NOT have to complete the Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification, nor provide an ITIN or SSN to the university. Students who are filing for tuition tax credit must follow the instructions to accommodate the Bursar’s Office request.

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