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In order to register for classes at SF State, students must pay the tuition fees or have a fee deferment from the Office of Student Financial Aid. Students who don’t have a deferment will have to pay their full tuition or sign up for the installment plan prior to registering for classes.

Fee Deferments

A fee deferment means that you that you will not have to pay for your classes before your scholarship check or CA Dream Act Funds is sent to the school. Deferring the fees allows student to register before payment arrives.

Scholarship Deferment: AB 540 students can get their fees deferred if they submit a copy of the congratulatory scholarship award letter. Send the letter to Financial Aid Office, Attention: Rose Carmona or Nancy Jodaitis.

Once the scholarship check arrives & is processed, tuition and fees will be paid. Any amount above tuition will be sent to the student. If scholarship does not cover full amount of fees, the balance due must be paid before school begins.

CA Dream Act Funds: AB 540 students who apply for the California Dream Application by the priority deadline and meet income eligibility guidelines could receive a State University Grant or Cal Grant to cover a portion of the tuition. If they receive a grant, their fees will be deferred.

Payment Options

Incoming Students should bring a copy of their AB 540 affidavit to the Bursar’s window when paying fees to ensure fees charged will include the non-resident fee exemption. Otherwise, students could be charged non-resident fees.

  1. Installment Plan: Forms are available at the Bursar’s office or online at http://sfsu.edu/~bursar. The installment plan charges approximately half of the tuition up front, with two more monthly payments. A $33 fee is charged.
  2. Pay Full Tuition All At Once: Pay full fees prior to signing up for classes.

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