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Message to Incoming Students for Fall 2017

Welcome to San Francisco State University! The Office of Student Financial Aid is eager to help you discover ways to cover the cost of tuition, fees, books, and expenses as you pursue your college degree. We are excited to support you in this process!

Navigating your Financial Aid Application:

  1. Start by completing the 2017-2018 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) OR the 2017-2018 California Dream Application (DREAM) using the required online applications. Access the online application for the FAFSA at
    Access the online application for the DREAM at The applications for the 2017-2018 academic year open on October 1, 2016.

  2. Apply for Financial Aid now, even if you have not received an admissions decision. Submit your completed 2017-2018 financial aid application by the priority deadline of March 2, 2017. Applications received by the priority deadline will be considered for federal financial aid (Pell Grant, Federal loans, etc.) and State financial aid (Cal Grant or State University Grant). All applications submitted after the priority deadline are not eligible for State financial aid. Click here to view Types of Financial Aid.

  3. The FAFSA application for 2017-2018 uses the income from the tax year 2015. Because this is income from a previous federal tax year, this will allow the majority of applicants to use the FAFSA data retrieval tool (DRT) to complete their application. If you or your parent can not use the DRT, complete the FAFSA with the income information from your filed 2015 1040 tax returns. You may be required to submit 2015 IRS Tax Return Transcripts to our office. For more information about including your tax information, please visit: or

  4. To ensure that your FAFSA or DREAM is submitted to the appropriate institution, include the San Francisco State University School Code 001154.

  5. If you are unsure about the application process or need further guidance, contact the Federal or State Student Aid offices using the information at the bottom of this email.

State Financial Aid:

Certain State Financial Aid types require some additional steps. These awards are provided by the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC).

  1. Cal Grant Awards (for undergraduate California residents only): To be considered for a new Cal Grant, complete and submit the 2017-2018 FAFSA by March 2, 2017. Cal Grant does require GPA verification; many high school and community colleges send GPA verification to CSAC automatically. If your high school or community college does not, please send a GPA Verification form certified by your current school to CSAC by the March 2nd postmark deadline.
  2. 2. Middle Class Scholarships (for undergraduate California residents only): Provides a scholarship to students with a family annual income of up to $150,000. For more information go to

Scholarship Information:

Scholarships are not automatically awarded to students. Students need to apply for scholarships in order to be considered for them. The Scholarship website houses a database for students to use in their searches. Students can also attend Scholarship 101 Workshops available once per semester. Please review the Scholarship website for more information:

A final reminder

Complete your FAFSA or DREAM application as soon as possible! On or before the March 2, 2017 deadline. Why?

    a. To be considered for federal AND state financial aid programs
b. To be granted a Financial Aid Tuition Deferment prior to the Fall 2017 fee payment deadline. With a deferment you will not be required to pay tuition until your financial aid disburses in August 2017.

The Office of Student Financial Aid will begin posting receipt of a 2017-2018 financial aid application on the SF State student center beginning in the late November 2016. Be sure to visit the Financial Aid website for more information:

Here are some other helpful resources!

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