Office of Student Financial Aid

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Message to Continuing Students

The Office of Student Financial Aid is excited to support you in your academic endeavors! This is an email to remind you that it's time (already!) to begin planning for next year.

To receive Financial Aid for the Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 academic year, you must apply using the 2018-2019 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) OR the 2017-2018 California Dream Application (DREAM) by completing the necessary online application.
Access the online application for the FAFSA at
Access the online application for the DREAM at The applications for the 2018-2019 academic year open on October 1, 2017.

  1. REMEMBER TO APPLY FOR FINANCIAL AID BY MARCH 2, 2018! March 2nd is the priority deadline. Applications received by the priority deadline will be considered for federal financial aid funds (Pell Grant, Federal loans, etc.) and State financial aid funds (Cal Grant or State University Grant). All applications received after the priority deadline are not eligible for State financial aid.

  2. The FAFSA application for 2017-2018 uses the income from the tax year 2016. Because this is income from a previous federal tax year, this will allow the majority of applicants to use the FAFSA data retrieval tool (DRT) to complete their application. If you or your parent can not use the DRT, complete the FAFSA with the income information from your filed 2016 1040 tax returns. You may be required to submit 2016 IRS Tax Return Transcripts to our office. please visit:

  3. If you are a Dependent Student, you will need tax information for you as the student as well as your parents. If you are an Independent Student, you will only need your tax information (and spouse if applicable). If you are unsure about your dependency status, please visit:

  4. To ensure that your FAFSA or DREAM is submitted to the appropriate institution, include the San Francisco State University School Code 001154.

  5. Complete your FAFSA or DREAM application as soon as possible! On or before the March 2, 2018 deadline. Why?

         a. To be considered for federal AND state financial aid programs
         b. To be granted a Financial Aid Tuition Deferment prior to the Fall 2018 fee
         payment deadline. With a deferment you will not be required to pay tuition until
         your financial aid disburses in August 2018.

  6. The Office of Student Financial Aid will begin posting receipt of a 2018-2019 financial aid application on the student center in the late November 2017. Be sure to visit the Financial Aid website for more information:

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