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Summer Research Internship


In the fall, you will receive an email from the California Pre-Doctoral Program Director inviting you to apply for a Summer Research Internship. Applications for the Summer Research Internship are usually due in early January.


Your application for the 8- to 10-week research internship will identify the faculty with whom you want to work at a Ph.D.-granting U.S. institution, and what you hope to gain from the research internship.


If you are approved for a Summer Research Internship, you will be asked to specify the cost of travel to the approved campus and housing expenses. You will receive reimbursement for these expenses, once approved, as well as funds for your meals and a living stipend.


As with your Pre-Doctoral Scholars Program application, your application for the Summer Research Internship must be approved and signed by your faculty sponsor.


For your reference, the most recent Summer Research Internship Application can be found at



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