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S.F. State Reimbursement Procedures






For non-travel expense reimbursements, including research-related books, GRE-related transactions, transcript orders, application fees, membership fees, and computer accessories and supplies:

  1. Original itemized receipts must be submitted within 30 days of receipt date.
  2. Original receipts include printed electronic receipts for purchases that are made online; printed e-receipts require your signature. Online receipts must show proof of payment, including your name, the item description, the date of purchase, the amount charged, and the last few digits of your credit card.



For reimbursement of all travel expenses, including airfare, baggage fees, ground transportation, lodging, meals, conference registration fees, etc., see items #1-7 below.

  1. All travel plans must be included on your Student Plan and must be pre-approved by Dr. Joy Viveros.
  2. International travel is not allowed.
  3. Follow the S.F. State Procedures for Booking a Flight.
  4. Please save all flight-related receipts. Online confirmation receipts must show proof of payment, including your name, flight information, amount charged and last few digits of your credit card.
  5. During your travel, keep all original, itemized receipts. Original receipts must be submitted within 30 days from the day of your return after the trip is complete.
  6. Hotel statements must include your name and indicate the amount paid.
  7. Travel-related receipts that you can be reimbursed for include the following:
    • Airfare
    • Baggage fees
    • Lodging, i.e. hotels.
    • Ground transportation, including taxis, shuttles and public transportation.
    • Meals: Actual expenses up 5o a maximum of $55.00 per day. Any single expense of $25.00 or more must be reported with an itemized receipt. Alcohol will not be reimbursed.
    • Conference registration. Please note that membership fees are reimbursed separately from travel, while conference registrations are reimbursed as a travel expense.
  8. As soon as possible after returning from your travel, notify Lara King via email that you will be submitting reimbursement receipts in person.




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