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Reimbursement Procedure for Covered Expenses


  1. Before spending any funds on travel, graduate school application fees, GRE fees, or other expenses covered by the Pre-Doctoral Program, you must have your budget approved by SF State's Pre-Doctoral Program Coordinator. Any changes to your original budget must be approved in advance.
  2. See our SF State Reimbursement Procedures page for a detailed explanation of the reimbursement process.
  3. Receipts for conference registration, and airfare to attend a conference, or airfare spent on a campus visit, must be submitted within 30 days of returning from the trip.

  4. Receipts for all items other than those associated with conferences or campus visits must be submitted within 30 days of incurring the expense.

  5. Sign the Reimbursement Request Form, submit receipts in a timely manner to Lara King, ADM 447,, 415.338.1246.

  6. Lara King will prepare the appropriate S.F. State reimbursement form for you. After required signatures are obtained, the reimbursement claim will be forwarded for processing to Accounts Payable. Students usually receive reimbursement checks about 10 business days after submitting their receipts.



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