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SF State Pre-Doctoral Honorable Mention


Patrick Lapid, Economics graduate student

Image: Patrick Lapid, SF STATE PRE-DOCTORAL Honorable Mention Image 2: Patrick Lapid SF STATE PRE-DOCTORAL Honorable Mention

Originally from Vallejo, California, Patrick attended U.C. Santa Cruz, graduating in 2001 with a bachelor's degree in sociology. Before pursuing graduate studies in economics, Patrick taught high school mathematics in San Francisco, simultaneously serving with the United States Marine Corps Reserve. In 2008, he served a tour of duty in Iraq, and was honorably discharged in 2010 with the rank of Sergeant. As a high school teacher, Patrick had the opportunity to teach an economics elective, which motivated him to pursue his master's degree. In Summer 2010, Patrick attended the American Economic Association's Summer Training Program at U.C. Santa Barbara, a program designed to prepare students for doctoral study and increase diversity in the economics profession. As a master’s student at SF State, Patrick was a tutor and lab assistant in the Department of Economics, helping undergraduates with their coursework. Under the guidance of Dr. Don Mar, Patrick researched the effects of the "Great Recession" on the earnings and employment outcomes of post-9/11 veterans. Patrick is interested in pursuing research projects related to mathematics education, defense policy, and financial decision-making. In his free time, Patrick unwinds by reading and watching movies.


Update: In the 2011-12 academic year, Patrick begins his doctoral studies in economics at U.C. Berkeley under a university fellowship, with concentrations in labor economics, public economics, and psychology and economics. Congratulations Patrick!


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