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SF State Pre-Doctoral Scholar


Cynthia Brannvall, Art History graduate student

Image: Cynthia Brannvall Image: Cynthia Brannvall


Cynthia Brannvall is African American and Swedish descent and grew up in Los Angeles California. Her undergraduate work was done at UC Berkeley where she completed a double major in the History of Art and Art Practice. Cynthia’s faculty sponsor for the Sally Casanova Pre-Doctoral Fellowship and her advisor in the Masters program at San Francisco State University is Gwen Allen. Her current research focuses on contemporary artists whose work interrogates the politics of identity as it pertains to post-colonial concerns. She hopes to continue her inquiry of the ways visual culture attests to the social, political and economic hierarchies that construct and constrain identities in a PhD program in Art History, Visual Studies or Cultural Studies. In her free time Cynthia enjoys making art, back packing and plays traditional Irish music on the fiddle and banjo.


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