California Pre-Doctoral Program at SF State{ Fellowships Office }

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SF State Pre-Doctoral Scholar


Anne Glaros, Art History Graduate Student


Anne was born and raised in San Francisco but has also lived in New York City and in Mesa, Arizona. When she was of college age, it was not deemed necessary for women to pursue higher education. She married at age 19 and five years later fled her abusive husband. She worked in advertising and as an administrative assistant but her passion was art. In 2008 at age 53 she was able to attend college for the first time, and graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in Art History. Anne participated in several service learning projects while an undergrad because she has a strong interest in teaching. Now in the Art History graduate program at SF State, Anne's concentration is gender representation. Anne is a tutor at the Learning Assistance Center on campus. She believes in the importance of mentors and acknowledges Dr. Richard Mann and Dr. Joy Viveros for their support.




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