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California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education


The California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education is, according to its website, "designed to acquaint first-generation college students with the career opportunities and academic challenges associated with advanced study in a wide range of disciplines. The purpose is to accelerate the flow of such students into the research-oriented, advanced-level degree programs that . . . provide the training required of college and university faculty."


Each year, over 1,000 California college students attend the Forum, where they attend information workshops and meet recruiters from graduate programs throughout the country.


This year, the Forum will be held at the University of San Francisco on October 29, 2011.


California Pre-Doctoral Program Scholars are invited to a special reception associated with the Forum. In years when the Northern California Forum is held outside the Bay Area, Program Scholars are invited for an overnight hotel stay the night before the event.


You will receive an email from the California Pre-Doctoral Program Director inviting you to register for the reception and, if applicable, for the overnight hotel stay.


For more information on this year's California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education, see the program website at





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