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Are You Currently a Good Fit
for Fellowship Program?


Check the statements that apply to you:


     I want to go on for a (or the next) graduate degree (for example, a PhD, MFA, MPH) or into public service

     I have a GPA of 3.5 or above (or close, in at least the past several semesters)

     I have a vision of how I want to contribute to the betterment of society, or to expanding knowledge or creative expression in my field, and I have been acting on that vision in my academic, artistic and/or career choices

     I have been actively involved in my community as a volunteer, leader, researcher or artist

     I know my faculty well and have strong relationships with them – they have expressed an interest in recommending me for graduate school or other opportunities

     I am a hard worker and able to handle the additional load of significant writing and/or research as part of applying for a fellowship

     I view receiving support to prepare a nationally competitive fellowship application as an opportunity to enhance my own qualifications for further opportunities

If you answered “Yes” to all or most of these questions, please do make an appointment  with the Fellowships Office to explore fellowship opportunities. 


If you answered “No” to many of these questions, please follow this detailed ‘roadmap’ about how to develop yourself into a competitive applicant for a nationally competitive award.  Consider making an appointment after you’ve made some progress towards the activities outlined there.  You are also welcome to make an appointment to clarify your plans for enhancing your candidacy for nationally competitive or California State University fellowships such as the California Pre-Doctoral Program


If you are primarily interested in pursuing scholarships to fund your current degree, you may be interested in the following scholarship information

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