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Mississippi Teacher Corps (MTC)

Please consult the program website to confirm program details, including applicable deadlines.

Program Website

Program Purpose

The Mississippi Teacher Corps is the most competitive teaching program in the country. The program's objectives are to: provide dedicated, talented teachers for critical-needs school districts in Mississippi; afford structured entry into the teaching profession for outstanding liberal arts graduates who have never before taught; identify and nurture educational leaders in the 21st century.

Program Description

The Mississippi Teacher Corps is a two-year program, similar to the Peace Corps, that recruits college graduates to teach in Mississippi schools, primarily in the Mississippi Delta. The program is designed for non-education majors and offers a host of benefits, including: teacher training and certification; full scholarship for a master's degree in education from the University of Mississippi; job placement that includes full salary and benefits; the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students in one of the poorest areas of the country. Coursework for the master's degree is specific to the MTC program and occurs during the summer and selected weekends. MTC teachers are certified for grades 7-12. About 70% of its teachers are placed in high schools and 30% are placed in middle schools.


MTC Fellows receive a full scholarship and funding for degree-related expenses for a Master's in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Mississippi, and teacher certification with reciprocity in all other states. University of Mississippi is an NCATE accredited program and the MA degree allows its alumni to teach anywhere in the country at a higher salary. Other benefits include a laptop, printer, and scanner.

For the initial summer training, fellows receive a $1,000 stipend an on-campus housing. Married participants and those choosing to live off campus will be reimbursed for housing costs.

Participants are placed by MTC in critical-needs school districts, where they receive full pay (starting salary is $32,000 a year) and benefits.

The Mississippi Department of Education will reimburse participants for relocation costs. Before relocation, participants must apply to the school district in which they will be working for moving expense reimbursement.

Applicant Profile

No previous education course work is required or expected. To determine if you are a good fit for this challenging program, see the "Should You Join?" and "To Join or Not to Join: blogs at,, and

Selection Criteria

The program looks for a variety of skills and experiences in an applicant, including: community service experience; experience working with children, especially children from "at-risk" backgrounds; mastery of content in the subject-area for which the applicant is applying (demonstrated by significant coursework in this subject-area or passing scores on the Praxis II); experiences overcoming adversity; experience as part of a team. Age is not a criteria.

Application Process

Finalists participate in a phone interview.


Graduating seniors and college graduates, with a minimum 3.0 GPA, who are not certified to teach. Education majors are not eligible for this program.


Applications deadlines are usually in October, December, February, and April.

How To Apply



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