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Institute for Recruitment of Teachers (IRT): Intern Summer Workshop and Associate Program

Please consult the program website to confirm program details, including applicable deadlines.

Program Website

Program Purpose

The Institute for Recruitment of Teachers (IRT) aims to "deepen the pool of talented minorities entering the teaching profession in our country." Through its Summer Workshop and Associate Program, IRT supports outstanding students during the graduate school application process who are committed to addressing the critical underrepresentation of minority groups on school and college faculties.

Program Description


Each year, 25-30 interns are selected by the IRT to participate in an intense four-week summer workshop at Phillips Academy prior to or at the completion of their senior year of undergraduate study. The workshop typically runs for the month of July; interns and faculty work together nine hours each day, six days a week. Included in the workshop are lectures, seminar discussions, small group meetings, writing conferences, films, debates, practice teaching sessions and presentations by nationally known educators, scholars, poets and artists.

During the Summer Workshop, IRT interns engage a graduate-level curriculum of critical, cultural and educational theory. Students prepare for the GRE and work on their statements of purpose. At the end of the third week in July, the IRT hosts its annual Recruiters' Weekend, attended by more than 60 academic deans and graduate admissions representatives from consortium institutions who are eager to speak with potential candidates about their graduate programs.


The Associate Program is geared toward rising seniors and recent college graduates who are engaged during the summer in study-abroad activities or research and thus unable to attend the Intern Summer Workshop.



Participants receive a $1,200 stipend, travel expenses if traveling by plane or train, and room and board.


Participants in both programs are sponsored by the IRT as they apply to graduate schools in a consortium of 41 universities. For a list of consortium schools, see:

Most graduate application fees to these institutions are waived for both interns and associates. Although associates do not participate in the summer workshop, both interns and associates receive extensive counseling and individual support with the graduate school application process – including assistance with fine-tuning statements of purpose, advocacy for admission to consortium graduate school, and endorsement for fellowships and assistantships. Associates are invited to join Summer Interns at the Recruiters' Weekend on a first come, first served basis.

Applicant Profile

Competitive applicants will have a demonstrated commitment to eradicating racial disparities in education, as well as in serving as a positive role model to youth.

Application Process

Admission for the Summer Workshop is highly selective. If IRT is unable to offer you a place in the Summer Workshop, you will be automatically considered for the Associate Program.


For the Intern Summer Workshop, applicants must be rising or graduating college seniors. For the Associate Program, applicants must be rising college seniors or graduates/graduate students. Undergraduates must have a GPA of 3.0 or above; graduate students must have a GPA of 3.5 or above. The applicant's undergraduate or master's degree must be in education, mathematics, computer science, the social sciences or humanities.


There are no citizenship requirements associated with this program.


Usually April 1.

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