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Featured Fellow: Anne Glaros


Applying For And Winning A National Award:
Anne Glaros on the Markowski-Leach Scholarship


FELLOWSHIP I WON AND WHEN:  The Markowski-Leach Scholarship,  2010-11 and 2011-12.


MY AREAS OF ACADEMIC/PROFESSIONAL INTEREST:  I am an art historian interested in subjects that fall outside the canon--that is to say women, LGBTQ people and people of color. I concentrate my research in 19th century France where I find interesting studies of transgressive women, particularly artists, models, courtesans and lesbians who are archetypes for modern women.


THE SUBSTANCE OF MY FELLOWSHIP PROPOSAL:  I wrote a very personal essay which recounts my struggles as a young woman in a conservative immigrant family, my early marriage to an abusive man, and my eventual coming out when I turned thirty, which I consider a positive turning point in my life. I explained to the committee how I entered college at a very late age, and that it is my intention, in my academic work, to recover women, LGBTQ people and people of color from the ‘erasures’ of history and art history.


LOW POINT IN THE APPLICATION PROCESS:  Writing honestly about my identity and my struggles to be recognized within my family, to get the education I missed out on when I was young, and other issues I face as a woman and as a lesbian was a painful process.  It involved being totally open, while trying to write a balanced and coherent essay.


HIGH POINT IN THE APPLICATION PROCESS:  It was easy to apply online. There is little red tape in the process, and anyone who is moderately computer savvy can easily apply.


MISADVENTURE(S) DURING THE FELLOWSHIP:  I did struggle whether or not I should pursue the scholarship, but I am glad I did.


BEST MOMENT DURING THE FELLOWSHIP:  Receiving the award! When I sent off the essay I never thought I would be selected. Even sweeter was the kind acceptance letter I received. I just re-read it now and it made me feel good all over again.


ADVICE TO APPLICANTS:  Stress your relationship to the LGBTQ community—what part do you play?  Discuss how you plan to be committed in some measure to that community, so that your academic work will somehow enhance and lift up the LGBTQ community.


WHY I’D DO IT AGAIN:  I would do it again because it affirmed the impact of the struggles I have as a lesbian in a world that still excludes queer people, no matter how mainstream one might think one is. Those struggles have defined me as a person, and have, I believe, helped me to be more compassionate and creative.  The further out one sits on the margins, the harder it can be in terms of family acceptance, income potential, and even personal safety. It is wonderful that foundations such as Markowski-Leach exist and support LGBTQ people.


WHAT I’M DOING NOW:  I am a second year graduate student of art history. I hope to graduate with a master’s degree in a year-and-a-half. I would like to further my education so that I can teach art history, and have a positive impact on the canon by including women, LGBTQ people, and people of color. I am a CSU Pre-Doctoral Scholar.




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