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Google Lime Scholarship for Students With Disabilities

Please consult the program website to confirm program details, including applicable deadlines.

Program Website

Lime Connect and its corporate partners sponsor the Lime Connect Fellowship Program for Students with Disabilities who are studying computer science or computer engineering. Lime represents a "fresh approach" in the disability talent space, and its new Fellowship Program is designed to attract highly accomplished students with disabilities, prepare them for the recruitment process, and connect them with the world's leading corporations. The program includes educational workshops, leadership/skill building, interview preparation, mentoring, industry overviews and multiple opportunities to interact with partner companies. The Google Lime Scholarship funds an annual award of $10,000, plus attendance at all-expenses-paid retreat at Googleplex. The Lime Fellowship provides an additional $1,000 award. The scholarship is open to US citizens and international students studying at universities in the US or Canada. Sophomores, juniors, and graduate students in a supported field with a disability are eligible to apply. See program website for the program's definition of "a person with a disability." Deadline is usually in the Spring.

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