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EPA National Network for Environmental Management Studies (EPA NNEMS) Fellowship Program

Please consult the program website to confirm program details, including applicable deadlines.

Program Website

Program Purpose

The EPA National network for Environmental Management Studies Fellowship Program is designed to encourage qualified undergraduate and graduate students to pursue environmental careers, and help defray costs of academic programs related to environmental protection, such as pollution control, science, engineering, technology, social science, and specialty areas.

Program Description

Each year 20 to 30 fellows join research projects, usually at EPA Headquarters in Washington, D.C., or at one of its 10 regional offices and laboratories. Projects are narrow in scope, allowing students to complete the fellowship while working fulltime at EPA over a summer (or part-time during the school year).

Projects – which may change from year to year – are in five categories: environmental policy, regulation, and law (evaluation of existing policies, regulations, and environmental compliance, development of new policies), environmental management and administration (environmental management goals), environmental science (field studies and laboratory research); public relations and communications (public response to EPA policies and regulations, public opinion of environmental issues, communication materials), computer programming and development (computer software, programming functions required in the laboratory). See NNEMS website for currently funded projects: www.epa.gov/enviroed/NNEMS/.


Fellows receive a stipend that reflects educational level (the student's undergraduate or graduate year), as well as fellowship location and duration. Grants for a 3-month fulltime project range from $7,400 to $12,600. Travel and housing are not provided.

Applicant Profile

Applicants must have compleed at least four courses related to the field of environmental studies.


Undergraduate or graduate students in a field directly related to pollution control or environmental protection. May also be enrolled in or applying to a PhD program.


U.S. citizens or permanent residents only.


Usually early March.

How To Apply



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