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UC Davis Research Experience for Undergraduates Program in Physics

Please consult the program website to confirm program details, including applicable deadlines.

Program Website

Program Description

During the 10-week program students live on campus while working alongside program faculty and graduate students on ongoing research projects. Students receive a view of physics very different from typical coursework. Participants choose from several of the physics subfields represented at UC Davis, including: Condensed Matter Experiment, Condensed Matter Theory, Biological Physics, Complex Systems and Computational Physics, Nuclear Physics Experiment, Particle Physics Experiment, Particle Physics and General Relativity Theory, Cosmology. Each student has a personalized project in one of these areas, to conclude with a 15-minute presentation to the rest of the REU group.

During the first two program weeks, faculty give introductory talks to put participants on a common ground so they can discuss their research. Throughout the summer, weekly lunchtime gatherings are held, with a faculty mentor present, in which students discuss their work. One or two lunch meetings are devoted to information on graduate school. The program includes one local and four out-of-town field trips, the latter mostly on weekends. Trips may have a scientific emphasis, such as touring a national laboratory or industry facility, or may be primarily recreational.

Although there is some flexibility in dates, participants must normally be able to attend the program for at least nine weeks, through mid-August.


Participants are awarded a stipend of $430 per week, housing and meals, and some support for travel to and from the program.

Applicant Profile

Strong preference is given to students who have completed at least one year of calculus-based introductory physics.


Students must have finished at least one year of college and must be continuing their bachelor's degree in the fall.


U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Non-citizens be considered if they can provide their own funding.


Usually the end of February.

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