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Udall Undergraduate Scholarship

Please consult the program website to confirm program details, including applicable deadlines.

Program Website

Program Purpose

Established to honor Congressman Morris Udall's 30 year legacy of public service, the Udall Scholarship aims to educate a new generation of Americans to preserve and protect their heritage through environmental studies, and Native American health and tribal public policy. The Udall Foundation seeks to foster greater recognition of public lands and resources, to identify critical environmental issues, and to promote the principles and practices of environmental conflict resolution.

Program Description

Each year, Congress funds approximately 80 merit-based scholarships and 50 honorable mentions to sophomores and juniors in 3 categories: (1) students who have demonstrated commitment in careers related to the environment, Native American and Alaska Native students with a demonstrated commitment to careers related to (2) tribal public policy or (3) Native health care.


The Udall Scholarship provides up to $5,000 for tuition and other educational expenses, plus attendance at a 4-day Udall Scholars conference in Tucson, Arizona to meet with other Scholars, elected officials, and environmental and tribal leaders.

Applicant Profile

Successful candidates will have a demonstrated commitment to shaping environmental or tribal public policy, or Native American health care issues – whether through scientific advances, public or political service, or community action. Innovative students in all majors are invited to apply. Characteristics of a strong candidate include leadership, a desire to make a difference, and general well-roundedness.

Application Process

Applicants enrolled at S.F. State must submit completed applications to S.F. State's Fellowship Advisor by the campus deadline. San Francisco State may nominate up to 6 students for the Udall.

Application includes a research essay linking Congressman Udall's legacy, as embodied in a speech or piece of legislation, and the applicant's own interests and career goals.


Attendance at the conference, which is held in early August, is a condition of the Scholarship.


Sophomores and juniors committed to careers in environmental studies and related fields, and Native American and Alaska Native sophomores and juniors committed to careers in tribal public policy or Native health care.


U.S. citizens, permanent residents, or nationals.


The national deadline, usually in late February, does not directly apply to students, who must apply for nomination through the University by the campus deadline.

Campus Deadline

Completed applications must be submitted to S.F. State's Fellowship Advisor, ADM 211, by Noon on December 4, 2013.

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