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About Us

The ESP Team is a collaboration of employees from the Human Resources Department, Environmental Health & Occupational Safety, Academic Affairs, Administration & Finance, and Safety and Risk Management.  The ESP Team developed a University-wide ergonomic safety program to decrease the frequency and severity of computer-related injuries at the University by launching a Pilot Training Project in the spring of 2002 and implementing it University-wide in 2003. 

In September 2001, the ESP Team researched ergonomic safety programs in order to develop an effective program for the University.  The Pilot Training Project incorporated elements from ergonomic safety programs and utilized training curriculum and methods developed by Erik Peper, Katherine Gibney of the Institute for Holistic Healing Studies and Ray Grott, of the Rehabilitation Engineering Technology Project, both at SFSU. 

The ESP Team has trained classes of ESP coaches annually since the 2002 pilot program.

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