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Do you strain to look at the LCD screen? Does it compete with the reflections of the lights? Is the light coming through the windows so bright that you squint to see the screen?  Is there dust on the screen? As the text looks fuzzy or if there is glare, we unknowingly begin to squint or strain while looking at the screen.  Protect your eyes and make sure you can SEE.


Clean the screen weekly to improve clarity since static electricity makes it is a superb dust collector. If you wear glasses do not forget to clean them.

Check and reduce the reflections on the screen.  Turn off the LCD screen to observe the reflections.  If you see light source reflections in the darkened screen explore some of the following:

--Place the screen and computer station at a 90 degree angle to the light source instead of behind and/or above you.

--Install an anti-reflection filter on the screen.

--Buy a screen with anti-reflection coating when replacing equipment.

--Tape a cardboard tablet backing to the side or top of the monitor to create shade.

--Adjust window shades throughout the day to allow for the changing angle of the sun.

Remember, clarity of vision also depends upon your ability to focus your eyes to see the screen.  For many people older than 40, special computer glasses may significantly reduce eyestrain.

Finally, do not forget to blink and rest your eyes by looking away from the monitor to a tree or other green object.


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