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Do you get irritated and experience a drop in energy? Do you try to boost your energy with coffee and sweets? Is your breakfast mainly sugary cereals? Do you worry about arthritis, diabetes, heart disease or getting cancer? White flour, white rice, white potatoes, sodas, Danish, most commercial breakfast cereals all high on the glycemic index. These foods tend to increase our weight and girth and enhance inflammatory diseases which includes arthritis, heart disease and cancer.  Increase your energy and improve your health when you SKIP THE WHITE STUFF. *


Whenever you shop for food, buy foods that are REAL and are not processed with content labels that do not list any unpronounceable multisyllabic words. Eat only the foods that existed before the 1940's. Eat whole grain foods instead of white flour foods.

Reduce the use of corn, cane or beet sugars completely.  Oh, yes, that means no sodas, no pastries or cakes, no processed foods and no foods with corn sweetener.

When snacking, eat fruit and/or raw nuts.

When in doubt what to eat, eat locally grown vegetables, fruits and nuts.

When you reduce the white stuff, your ongoing energy will increase and you will significantly reduce your risk of cancer--including prostate and breast cancer--and other inflammatory diseases. For more details, see:

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