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While working, do you find yourself tired and out of energy? Do depressive thoughts quickly arise? Low energy contributes to negative moods and often increases neck and shoulder muscle tension. Decrease your tension, change your mood and increase your energy when you MOVE WITH FUN.


Listen to yourself and when you begin feel tired, STOP doing what you are doing! Stand up and begin the cross-crawl movements instead of reaching for a snack or a cup of coffee. (If you are wearing high heels, take off your shoes.)

Move away from your chair and desk, lift your right arm up so that the fingers are reaching and pointing at the ceiling and simultaneously lift your left knee up as high as possible. Then drop the right arm and left foot. As the left foot touches the floor, begin to lift the left arm up and right knee. Alternate the cross-crawl movements and do it with a springing step so that you almost stand on your toes of one foot as you reach up with your hand. Repeat ten to twenty times.

After performing the cross-crawl movements, most people report that their energy increased, their neck and shoulders muscles relaxed, and their attention was more easily focused on the task to be done. In addition, Robert Thayer (1996) observed that exercise lengthens the time before desiring a snack or cigarette.


Thayer, R.E. (1996). The Origin of Everyday Moods. New York: Oxford University Press.  

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