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Are you too petite for your chair? Do your feet dangle as you sit? Do you raise your arms and shoulders when you write or do the arm rests constrict your movements? If so, your chair is most likely unsuited for you. Reduce chair discomfort and MAKE THE CHAIR YOURS.


Adjust the chair to your individual body and work needs. Some of the following simple, inexpensive solutions may eliminate discomfort caused by a large chair:

-Adjust the chair to fit you. Many chairs have levers that can adjust the height, seat angle, seat depth, back support angle and back height.

-Strap a firm, foam rubber pillow to your chair to support your back. This pillow should be the full length of the chair back so that, when sitting with your back resting against this pillow, the undersides of your knees are approximately 1-2 inches away from the chair.

-Support your low back with a small pillow or rolled towel. Position it to provide support and comfort for your low back. Use velcro or straps to hold it in place.

-Place a box, book or footrest under your feet to support your legs (e.g., place old phone books under your desk so that your feet can touch the ground). There are many inexpensive varieties of footrests available.

-Lower or remove the armrests if they are detachable.

Although we often adjust ourselves to the environment, it is better to change the environment to fit us. If possible, replace your chair with one that fits you.

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