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Stress immobility syndrome is the process that usually creates discomfort at the computer. The chair and our work style inhibit body movements so we end up as a couch potato while looking at the screen. If you notice your energy level flagging or your body stiffening, increase your energy and flexibility when you WIGGLE.


Wiggle and shake your body many times during the day. The movements can be done surreptitiously such as, moving your feet back and forth in circles or tapping feet to the beat of your favorite music, slightly arching or curling your spine, sifting the weight on your buttock from one to the other, dropping your hands along your side while moving and
rotating your fingers and wrists, rotating your head and neck in small unpredictable circles, or gently bouncing your shoulders up and down as if your are giggling.

Every ten minutes wiggle to facilitate blood flow and muscle relaxation.


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