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The seat on which you sit is the foundation for comfort; however, the seat design may not provide a solid platform or allow your hip sockets to be higher than your knees. To improve comfort, adjust or transform your sitting platform when you CHECK YOUR SEAT.


Inspect the seat on which you sit.

  • Is the seat bucket shaped? If yes, modify the seat so that it is a level platform by placing a hard pillow or folded blanket on it. Transform it so that it offers a solid base to support your bottom.

  • Is the front edge higher than the back edge of the seat? If yes, adjust the seat angle so that the front edge of the seat is lower than the back edge. If the seat angle can not be adjusted with one of the levers, use a foam wedge pillow to change the angle. Make the adjustment so that your hip sockets are slightly higher than your knees while sitting.

Remember, immobility is a significant contributor to discomfort. Use every opportunity to get up and move.



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