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As we continue to work without interruptions at the computer, we often get tired and drained. Increase your vitality when you move and GET ENERGIZED.


Stand up, bend your knees slightly, and let your arms hang along your trunk. Gently bounce your body up and down by bending and straightening your knees. Allow the whole body to shake and move for about one minute like a raggedy Ann doll. Then while exhaling bend your knees and reach downward with your hands to touch your toes. As you inhale, straighten up, bring your hands and arms upward to chest level, and clap both hands twice
together. Continue bringing your hands and arms upward to the ceiling as you explosively exhale. Repeat the cycle of movement (reaching toward your toes and upward to the ceiling) three times. Sit down and observe your increase in awareness and energy.

Remember to take many movement breaks during the day.


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