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Ongoing stress without relief is a well known contributing factor to illness. Unending work overload without time to regenerate increases fatigue, the risk of accidents and at the same time, depresses our immune system. Even at home we can still be preoccupied by the stress of work or relationships. Reduce the damaging effects of stress and mobilize health and joy when you DO IT NOW.


Like a battery we can run ourselves down and need to take time to recharge. Carry positive feelings and energy into your work setting when you give do some of the following (schedule time without guilt so that you feel refreshed):

--Take time for relaxing, time for holidays, time for being with other people whom you like.

--Take time for pleasure reading, exercise, talking to family members.

--Take time for being with your kids now (you can never make up for the time when they were young!!!)

--Take time for enjoying nature, discovering the world, star gazing, learning something new.

--Take time for dancing, time for singing.

--Take time to reflect on all of your good qualities.

--Take time to think about all of the good qualities of your loved ones.

--Take time to appreciate your coworkers.

--Take time to buy a simple secret gift for a co-worker (fresh fruit often does the trick on a hectic afternoon).

Owe yourself a break---you've worked hard---so take the rewards. If you procrastinate it might be too late some day! What can be more necessary and urgent than to live now--to enjoy your life and share it with the ones you love??? If you still find some excuses why everything else would be so important that you cant postpone it - do the following:

--Take time to visit people in a retirement home or a hospice and talk to them. Let them narrate from their past (old people like to do so) and ask them what they would change if they had a second chance or if they could do so now.

--Imagine it could be you that has only very limited time to live (and one of these days it will be like that as nobody until now has survived life).

*We thank Mag. Monika Fuhs for this tip.



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