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Here are some more helpful keystrokes to reduce mouse use. These keystrokes are specific for highlighting text for Windows users.


One character - [Shift+Arrow (right or left)]

One word - [Shift+Ctrl+Arrow (right or left)]

One line, to the start or end - [Shift+Home or End]

One line, up or down - [Shift+Arrow (up or down)]

Next paragraph - [Shift+Ctrol+Down Arrow]

Previous paragraph - [Shift+Ctrl+Up Arrow]

One screen - [Shift+Page Up or Down]

Beginning or end of document - [Shift+Ctrl+Home or End]

Everything in the document - [Ctrl+A]

Some easy mouse tricks for highlighting:

One sentence - Control click.

One paragraph - position the curser to the left of the paragraph until it turns into an arrow and double click. Or, click three times on the paragraph to highlight it.

A large selection in a document - Click on the first word and hold down the Shift as you click on the last word.

Remember to take frequent breaks, regardless of using mouse or keystrokes.

*These keystrokes were compiled by the RET Project at San Francisco State

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