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Do you feel your back stiffening up and your shoulders aching after working at the computer for a few hours? As the day wears on, does it feel as if the blood is flowing slowly in your brain? Back discomfort is the most common complaint of office workers. Stretch out your back, relax your shoulders and bring blood flow to your head when you do a BODY FOLD.


You may need to loosen your belt or unbutton your waistband to relax fully. Also, remove high heeled shoes and glasses, if necessary. Sit back in your chair with your knees a little bit wider than hip width.
Turn your toes slightly inward and let the palms of your hands rest on your thighs. Take 3 relaxing diaphragmatic breaths while allowing your shoulders to relax with each full exhalation.

On an exhalation, tighten your abdomen and fold your torso over your legs.

Let your hands slowly glide down your legs to your ankles. Remain folded over for 2 to 3 breaths as you allow your shoulders and back to relax.
Feel the increased circulation in your head.

Then, on an exhalation, tighten your abdomen and slowly return to an upright sitting position. Allow your hands to gently glide up your legs and return to your thighs as you sit up.

Do this Body Fold 2 or 3 more times. Each time allow the relaxation to spread through your shoulders and back. Make sure that you tighten your abdomen when you fold and unfold-this helps to support your lower back.

When you're done, stand-up and stretch your hands toward the ceiling.
You'll probably feel a little taller.

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