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Healthy Computing Email Tip 460: Laughter

A laugh a day keeps the doctor away. It is nature's antidepressant--offering another view of reality. Laughter and an optimistic perspective reduce neck and shoulder tension, lower blood pressure, and enhance immune function. Promote your health and lighten the office atmosphere with laughter.

How To Increase Laughter:

Think of a humorous event and simulate laughing. Inhale sharply through
your nose and exhale through your mouth in rapid staccato bursts. As you exhale, stretch your lips horizontally drawing the corners of your mouth up and back while, at the same time, keeping your eyes semi-closed, your body very relaxed, and your head hanging loosely backward.* Repeat this breathing pattern while vocalizing, "Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.." until you experience a few chuckles.

Look forward to conflicts and irritations; use them as opportunities to transform them into a humorous experience. When disagreements occur, chuckle and ask yourself:

  • What would I think about this problem two years from now?

  • How would this problem look from the perspective of a four year-old
    toddler or your great aunt or uncle?

  • How would it look from a dog's or cat's perspective?

  • What would Dilbert say about the situation?

  • Is it worth dying over? If not, marvel, smile and laugh at your ability to make something seem crucially important even though it is trivial in the broader cycle of birth and death.

Once a day share a joke or chuckle with your coworkers and email your
favorite jokes to friends and Healthy Computing.

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