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Healthy Computing Email Tip 459: Stay Grounded

Without knowing we often tighten our back and neck when we stand up or sit down.  This reflexive bracing can contribute to neck and back discomfort. Therefore, reduce neck and back bracing during movement when you stay grounded.

How To Stay Grounded:

Sit on your chair and then stand-up and sit-down two or three times. As you stand and sit, observe what happens to your toes?  Many people curl their toes upward as they stand-up while others turn their toes down or grip.  The movement of the toes may be different during the process of standing-up or sitting-down. People whose toes go up tend to have more neck and shoulder discomfort.

After having observed what happens with your toes, sit quietly for a moment and focus on your breath.  Now stand-up and sit-down 3 or 4 times; perform the movement as you exhale and keep your toes and the soles of your feet in complete contact with the floor. In order to do this, you may have to bend more at the hips to keep feeling the contact of your feet as you stand-up.  In most cases, the work of standing-up or sitting-down is felt in the legs instead of in the neck and back.

Each time you get up, practice sitting and standing during an exhalation while keeping your feet and toes grounded.

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