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Healthy Computing Email Tip 458: Flow Typing

A common error in typing is to rest our wrists on the desk surface/keyboard tray or wrist rest.  In this position, the hand bends backwards (wrist extension) and rotate toward the side (ulnar deviation).

Palm and/or wrist resting on the wrist pad may cause us to strain when reaching different keys on the keyboard. Forearm, neck, and shoulder tension may also be increased. To reduce this risk of hand/wrist strain, practice flow typing.

How To Do Flow Typing:
Sit comfortably erect.
Check your position so that your upper arms hang along your body, with elbows bent at an angle between 90 and 100 degrees. Keep your wrists straight with fingers relaxed and loosely touching the keys.
As you type, observe how your arms move forward, back and slightly to the side as your fingers access different keys.

Type with a light touch and playfully allow more movement with your arms and shoulders.

The typing movement is distributed throughout the whole arm and shoulder, similar to the way a relaxed pianist plays.

Every 30 to 60 seconds take a micro-break (e.g., let your hands drop to your lap and allow your hands, arms and shoulders to relax for a second) and then resume typing.

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