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Healthy Computing Email Tip 454: Assess The Ergonomics

"The reasonable man changes himself to fit the conditions of the environment.  The unreasonable man changes the conditions of the environment to fit him.  All progress depends upon the unreasonable man."

---George Bernard Shaw

Assess your own workstation or know what to look for when you buy new workstation equipment.  Discomfort is significantly reduced when you assess the ergonomics.

How To Assess The Ergonomics:

Do a self-assessment using the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration's (OSHA) Ergonomic Check List. This check list helps identify ergonomic factors that may need improvement in order to create a safe and comfortable computer workstation.  If you are planning to replace or purchase new equipment, use OHSA's Checklist Purchasing Guide. The checklists and suggestions to improve the computer workstation can be downloaded from OSHA.


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