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Healthy Computing Tip # 448: Goodwill

As workload increases and job pressures build, we sometimes feel
frustrated, irritated, angry, or resigned. At times we may even think that
our coworkers don't care or want to help. These negative thoughts are
natural when we are frustrated and tired but may increase neck and
shoulder tension. Reduce worksite tension and spread caring and hope when
you send goodwill.

How to Send Goodwill:

Begin with yourself. Sit quietly and for a moment focus on diaphragmatic
breathing. Let your exhalation go slower and slower. Now, inhale slowly.
As you exhale, imagine that as you blow your breath out and that your
breath carries the feeling and intend of goodwill (the positive potential
for growth combined with a sense of peace and comfort) to a person.

Whenever you think of someone with whom you are having difficulty, send
the person goodwill as you exhale.

Practice sending goodwill every time when you think of a situation that
produces conflict. Anticipate the situation by sending goodwill to reduce
the negative emotions.


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