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Healthy Computing Tip # 443: Tips to keep warm

Winter chills are fast approaching.  With the change in ambient temperature comes the need to maintain warm hands and bodies.  Warm hands are particularly important in maintaining health at the computer because most people with computer-related injuries have cold hands.  Maintain your health when you practice some of the tips to keep warm.

How to Implement Tips to Keep Warm: 

  1. Eat a good breakfast.  The most important thing you can do for yourself is eat a good breakfast that includes protein and preferably something warm, such as hot cereal, on a cold morning.  When the body is not given sustenance, it will decrease blood flow to the periphery (hands & feet) to ensure that the brain and vital organs are maintained optimally.

  2. Dress smartly.  Make sure that you layer your clothes so that you can adjust to interior warmth and exterior chill.

  3. Wear a hat or scarf. We lose approximately 30% or more of our body heat through our heads.  To improve blood flow to the hands and feet, cover your head.

  4. Wear gloves.  When walking outside on cold days wear gloves as well as a hat or scarf.

  5. Practice diaphragmatic breathing with hand warming.  As you exhale, imagine that you can blow your warm breath down and through your arms and into your hands and fingers.  Breathe with this warming imagery for 2-3 minutes throughout the day.

  6. Exercise regularly.  Exercise increases blood flow.  Walk on your breaks.  If the weather is okay, get off your bus a stop or two early to increase walking distance.


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