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Healthy Computing Tip # 438: Blink and breathe

Staring intensely at the monitor may result in blurred vision, dry burning eyes, or difficulty in focusing.  Reverse this computer-vision syndrome and enjoy comfortable vision when you blink and breathe.

How to Blink and Breathe:

  • Master relaxing blinks:

Take a microbreak and gently lower your upper eyelids so that your eyes close. As your eyelids close, sense your eyes rolling upward and simultaneously exhale. At the same time loosen your jaw so that your upper and lower teeth are not touching. Repeat every few minutes.

  • Integrate blinks into your work:

Blink at the end of every line, after entering a column of numbers, and with every mouse movement during typing and data entry. Repeat every fifteen seconds.

  • Practice relaxing your vision:

Look away from the screen to a distant object or place (e.g., look out the window or across the room). As you look into the distance, allow your jaw and upper eyelids to drop. Let your eyes close as you exhale. Feel your eyes sinking into their sockets. Exhale with a slight smile for one or two breaths and then re-open them. Repeat every 30 minutes.


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