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Healthy Computing Tip # 436: Vibrating Mouse

"I know I should take breaks, but I forget and get captured in my work!"  Yet, working continuously without allowing the muscles to relax tends to contribute to discomfort.  Avoid continuous low level tension and take a micro-break when cued by your vibrating mouse.

How to Get a Vibrating Mouse:

A vibrating mouse is a normal optical mouse that senses when you are just holding your hand passively on the mouse and are not using it. If there is no mouse activity for fifteen seconds then it automatically begins to vibrate to remind you.  The vibration is the trigger to take your hand away from the mouse and drop it on your lap. Thus, you are reminded to take a micro-break and relax the muscles of your neck, shoulders, arm and hand. Obviously, you can do any other small or large movements as well. It is one of the best reminders to take micro-breaks we have seen. 

The vibrating mouse-- Hoverstop Mouse-- available from:

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